Label Design for Artisan Preserves

On this occasion, the client needs a label design that can be used for different types of jams and artisan preserves produced by the same brand.


The need we seek to solve is that the client does not have to print different cards for each of the products but, rather, that one can be used for all products. In this way, printing costs are reduced and since it is a handmade product, there is more freedom and creativity to mix different fruits in the case of marmalades and vegetables in the case of preserves depending on the season and availability.


We had the opportunity to design a generic card with graphics and elements that can be used for all products. One of the unique qualities of this card design is that the space will be left free for the client to manually write the name of the product and its ingredients.


Some of the jellies that the Doña Lily brand will produce are: Jelly of Blackberry, of Pineapple and of Mango, Crystallized Onion, Peritas in Syrup, Pickled of Aubergine, etc.


Based on this information about the fruits and vegetables that are going to be used in the different marmalades and preserves, the design process was started.


The design of the label is simple, with a combination of fruits and vegetables that will be used as a background.

The packaging is accompanied by a selected fabric with colors and textures that represent the product and that looks good together with the card.