How to improve communication with the customer

Why do we need a social media ad?
Why make a website? 
A poster?
Business cards?

In perspective, we seek to make these digital products and marketing campaigns to communicate properly with our audience. This is why the design must be oriented to the needs of the client or the audience we want to focus on.

For example, if you are going to start a business it is important that the designer carries out a previous investigation in conjunction with the business approaches to know well what the objective is.

This is also of great importance when your company has been in the market for some years and is in need of renewing its image, carrying out a new marketing campaign or creating that website that it has always needed. A company that invests in design, is a company concerned about its customers.

When we design a project, normally, the client is not the end user, the end user is effectively the client of the client. Once this is understood, the design you obtain will meet the requirements of your purpose. A customer oriented design.

A good design has a focus and purpose. It is clear that the design is subjective, so it is also important to maintain a holistic approach to the profile of your audience. This means not only focusing on demographic data, common actions, traits and behaviors, but also understanding ideas, perceptions, motivators and aspirations of the audience.

In conclusion, we can say that to improve communication with the end user we must expect that the professional in the area of design and marketing has very clear how to perform the design focusing 100% on the end user. A good design is effective communication with your customers.